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Musical Musings

I try to keep up-to-date with good but lesser-known new and independent bands. In the next series of posts, I will review and recommend some of the music I have come across recently. To avoid confusion, song titles will appear first, and artists will appear second, in parentheses...
Today's playlist has a few mellow songs I've been enjoying...
Not Alone (Ben Taylor). I would classify this in the singer-songwriter genre. This song has all the elements that make songs popular: an overall pleasing sound, nice composition, good vocals.

Welcome to KJ Chris's Blog

Thanks for stopping by my website.
I'll use this space to share insights on music, to discuss issues arising in the DJ business, and to give you the chance to share your thoughts.
Just a short post to get us started...
(1) I've just finished re-designing my website. The musical features have been removed (so there are no more karaoke bloopers to listen to. If visitors would like to have them back, I'll re-create "Karaoke Central". My new site features a page of information for prospective DJ clients, specifically a list of questions I suggest one asks his/her DJ before booking.
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